Federation of Religious Institutes and MPJPs becomes CRMNA

On Tuesday 14 November 2023 the Federation of Religious institute and Public Juridic Persons met for its AGM and to celebrate 10 years since its inception. Forty leaders, Principals, members of PJPs and Religious Institutes gathered for the occasion, which was hosted by the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney and celebrated at Stormanston House.

The Acting Chair of the Federation, Mrs Kitty Guerin announced that the organisation was to have a new name – “Catholic Religious Institute and Ministerial Public Juridic Persons NSW and ACT School Authorities”, with the acronym ‘CRMNA’. Mrs Guerin said the change to the new name of the Federation will be effective 1 January 2024.

Mrs Guerin also released a video detailing the work of the Federation and its new name:

The event began with Brother Paul Oakley cfc speaking of the earlier foundational work that created the Federation which began at a meeting at the Marist Centre, Mascot. He said that it “was Brother Michael Green’s (FMS) paper Putting some Big Rocks into Place that stimulated the support of Religious Institute leaders and Principals in 2013.”

“There was a general openness to the principles canvassed in the discussion paper, and a willingness to look for ways to address the structural and cultural divisions among Catholic schools that have developed over time, in the interests of greater cohesion, collaboration and co-responsibility in and for the Catholic education sector.” Brother Paul said.

Dr Frank Malloy, Marist Schools Australia, and until recently the Federation Chair, detailed many of the issues faced by the Federation. He told the specific contribution made by the Federation to respond to the Covid 19 pandemic.   “Our contribution was recognised as thoughtful and balanced. We were committed to care of students and staff in an uncertain environment.”

“The Federation was consistently acknowledged by CSNSW and NCEC for its constructive contributions and collaboration across all sectors of education throughout the pandemic.”

“Important advice was sought by the Federal and State Governments in the management of boarding students and the residential environments.”

This collaborative approach by the Federation has also been recognised in the 2022 Review of Catholic Schools NSW. NSW RI/MPJP stakeholders are represented on all the CSNSW reference groups, working groups and information networks to allow their voice to be included in the development of State-wide policies for Catholic education and consideration of issues for the sector.



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20 November 2023

CRMNA Launch Presentations

At the Launch of CRMNA, Brother Paul Oakley cfc, provided a short history of the early days of the Federation. Brother Paul played a significant role in the formation of the Federation and its early leadership. His presentation at the CRMNA Launch can be viewed here: Early Times – Federation – 14112023.

Also, Dr Frank Malloy, the immediate past Federation Chair provided a presentation covering Federation’s history during the period December 2019 to June 2023. Thank you to Frank for his leadership of the Council over its early years. His presentation at the CRMNA Launch can be viewed here: Federation Meeting Slides Nov 14, 2023.